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Virtualizor Installation and Deployment

  • Planning proper OS installation on different architecture.
  • Planning a proper disk structuing and managing.
  • Comprehensive installation of master and slave virtualizor servers.
  • LVM setup and configuration.
  • Supported slaves Openvz, Xen and KVM.
  • Working on automated deployment of VMs.
  • Network bridging with natting as well as routing.
  • Future-proof IP pooling, grouping, planning, and deployment.
  • System upgrades and patches.
  • No Setup Fee, No Term Contract, No Hidden Fees.
  • 15 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Virtualizor Management with Security and Optimization

  • Virtualizor panel from softaculous.
  • Control panel management.
  • Master server management.
  • Slave server management, Main host server hardening, firewall installations and OS tweaking.
  • Server Optimization for peak performance.
  • Security log analysis and audits.
  • * Support upto 10 VM’s per slave.
  • VPS creation, customization, backup, restoration and reboots.
  • * Additional charges applied for VPS advance security installations.

Host Monitoring

  • Log management, Log analysis & reporting.
  • Hardware resource monitoring.
  • Node monitoring for spam, high VM loads.
  • VM stop, start and restart.
  • Troubleshoot VM reboot failures.

Essential management and automation with virtualizor.

Virtual private servers or you can say virtual machines are getting more and more popular these days, The reason of popularity is because of various virtualized hypervisors techniques available. Virtualizor is one of most powerful GUI based virtualizor from softaculous which supports Openvz, xenPV, Xen HVM, Xenserver, Linux KVM and LXC virtualization. Its does not ends here you can also setup windows based VM created using Windows OS template. With a single point user interface admins can create vps on the fly with a click of button and end users can start, stop , restart or manage their vps with ease. Well it reallys looks easy. We manage all your virtualized host servers and slaves whethers its xen, kvm or openvz you need not worry about the technicalities on how to plan and setup, With virtualizor server management plan our team of experts will do it all for you.


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Additional Slave Management

Additional virtualizor server will be charged for $50 per server discounted price.  Not only this you also get a Free VIRTUALIZOR license for unlimited vps worth $9/monthly.

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Operating System Installation

We can perform remote OS installation with KVM or IPMI or whatever method your host can provide us for server installation, We will choose the right operating system version required for virtualizor as per the system requirements.

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Support Response

Our 24×7 support team will respond within 60 minutes initial response time for your tickets. And max 24 hours resolution time.

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Upgrades and Patches

Server optimization with brand new software and security updates, patches for performance boost and security.


Disk Management

We will perform disk slicing in a proper recommended way, as well as create a correct volume group.  We will create and manage it to facilitate high performance as well as stability.

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Network Management

We will build as well as manage your network bridge on your server to facilitate optimal output from the network.

Additional virtualizor server will be charged for $50 per server discounted price.  Not only this you also get a Free VIRTUALIZOR license for unlimited vps worth $9/monthly.

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