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How to create FTP user in CWP panel ?

In CWP panel today I will show you how to create an FTP user so let’s start now. Please do follow my given instructions

Step1- Open CWP login panel
Step2-  Open file manager to create FTP account
Step3-  Check to transfer file


After login into CWP panel go-ahead for further steps -:
Click on File Manager –> FTP Manager V2 –> add user  here I create a user name, please keep in your mind password or FTP port 21


To verify FTP working or not first you already have Filezilla file transfer software in your system. Here you see snapshot how to login into Filezilla. There are two ways to login first via the IP address of the server and second via the domain name.

filezilla cwp

Conclusion: Now you see easily your FTP user login in Filezilla hope you will get benefits from this document.

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